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Why Pay More Than $20 For A Logo?

Today there are several resources online that allow you to get a beautiful logo for $20 or less, including Etsy and Fiverr. Go a step up and you have resources like 99Designs and DesignCrowd that require only a couple hundred bucks to get an attractive logo for your business... so the question is... why pay any more than that?


There's a reason companies like CocaCola spend on average $4 billion a year getting their brand seen. Most large companies invest tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars on branding and marketing. So, what does that mean?

There's something to it.

Now, most people reading this probably are not CEO's of multi billion dollar companies... BUT my guess is you probably have a business that you love and have worked hard to build and want to continue to see succeed.

At some point, in today's climate, every business needs to invest SOMETHING into branding and marketing if they want to stand out in their industry.

We live in a day and age where you aren't just competing with Mr. Smith across town. Your'e competing with hundreds of other businesses similar to yours that everyone can have access to by simply turning on their phone.

So, the question is, how do you know if a $20 logo or investing in an agency is your best option?

This topic came up recently because several years ago, before I got into graphic and web design, I was helping my husband start his alternative health care practice. We were young and wanted to DIY everything so we could save every penny we had. We paid for a logo using Fiverr and felt really disappointed. So after wasting about $50 on that failed attempt, we went over to 99Designs and decided to take the next step up. We invested a couple hundred bucks and got a logo that was ok. At that point we couldn't afford to waste any more money and so we decided to just use it and move on. (I soon got in to graphic design after this and as quickly as I could, rebranded his business to what he still has today).

Fast forward several years.... I was on Pinterest one day and if you can believe it, I saw OUR old logo on there with the slightest little tweak to it being sold by the original owner... Now, in the moment I had a laugh. But then, I thought, "What if we still were using that logo??" I would have been super upset and felt swindled.

Now, here's the deal. I am in no way speaking out against the designers on these sites. I have TOTAL and UTTER respect for anyone working to make the best living they can. But from my personal experience, I felt like things could have gone better and I ended up wasting money that I could have used elsewhere.

Is there ever a good time to purchase a logo on a site like Etsy or Fiverr? I would say absolutely! For businesses just starting out, I think it's a fantastic use of resources. For established businesses though, I wouldn't recommend it.

There's too much at stake when stuck with bad branding and too much to gain from solid branding.

So, here's a breakdown of the difference...

With, a $20 logo, you're getting an attractive design. When you invest in an agency, you get a BRAND.

• A team of professionals vs. a stranger

When you invest in a team of professionals that are experienced in branding and marketing, they will invest in you. We spend hundreds of hours on a project full of Facetiming and texting and emails that allow us to really dive in to the ins and outs of the business so that we can do the best job we can for our clients.

• Strategy based work vs. a cool design

If you are reaching out to a stranger that understands very little about your brand and has done no research on your industry, ideal client, unique value proposition and current market, then you can't expect any more than a design that YOU like... but a logo and brand is about so much more than what we like. It's about building a story so your business can create a genuine connection with your ideal client and build a community that makes your customer feel at home and allows you to reach higher levels of success.

• Equipping clients vs. not

When we work on branding with a client, it's never just about the visuals. It's about creating copy that connects. And you can't create strategic and effective copy unless you KNOW the brand, industry and market in and out. Our clients love that they come away with a tag line, a one liner, a detailed business summary and more so that they know how to effectively communicate their business on any platform. Not to mention the ease that comes with not feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to write an instagram post.

• Bank of visuals vs. one over-used one

Agencies like ours provide way more than just one logo. They come away with at least 5 variations and that includes brand patterns, brand marks and more so that when you are showing up on various platforms your presence is fresh but consistent. It gets monotonous and repetitive to use the same one logo over and over and over again.


There's a perfect time and place for everything. It's not always the right decision to invest in branding. It's wonderful that we have so many levels of resources that fit exactly where we are at. So choose wisely and when it is time to invest in branding with an agency, don't hesitate. Take the leap and break out to newer levels of success and fulfillment with a team of advocates to accompany you.


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