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Understanding Your Ideal Client so you Can Effectively Market to Them

We know.

You've done the worksheets.

You've listened to dozens of podcasts on creating your ideal client avatar.

But, have you done a deep dive as to how to create DIRECT services for them, understanding their objections to hiring you then shifted your marketing to target them?

Today's post is about understanding how to effectively market to your ideal client.

Step 1: Deep dive into your ideal client.

It's not enough to just be able to identify their gender and age range. Go MUCH deeper. What are their interests? What kind of lifestyle do they lead and want to lead in the future?What do they value? What is their income level? What do they enjoy and not enjoy spending money on?

Consider anything and everything relevant to build a narrative of your ideal client. And for most businesses, there is more than one avatar so make sure to do this for all buyers.

Step 2: Outline the services or products that you've created JUST for that client,

Now instead of focusing on what YOU offer, shift the descriptions to how you are tailoring those things to your ideal client. How do you provide DIRECTLY for them?

Step 3: Identify their objections to this product or service when hiring you OR anyone else.

Now that you have a detailed narrative of your ideal client, think about EVERY objection they have to purchasing from you AND from any competitor. For example, go beyond "they don't want to spend the money". If they don't want to spend the money, why don't they? Where else would they be spending it? So be extensive and overthink these objections so you get in their heads. Why would they hire a competitor over you?

Review their thinking process and buying philosophies to understand all these objections in detail.

Step 4: Tailor talking points you need to includein your marketing copy to overcome those objections before they even each out to hire you.

The goal now is to limit those objections BEFORE you sell. A buyer should be able to find out about you through your website, social media, LinkedIn, You Tube, advertisements- anywhere you are present- and feel seen, valued and understood. When the undeniable objections arise inter brains, you've already anticipated and addressed them in your consistent marketing copy. Doing this bring your much warmer leads and makes your marketing efforts highly effective.

You can get your own worksheet here to do the marketing deep dive.


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