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Is Branding Worth It?

We have a visceral reaction to what we see. We see a sunset and we feel awe. We see our baby’s smile and we feel joy. How do you feel when you see the cashier sport a smile vs a frown? Communication is multi leveled and multi layered…what we see, what we feel, what we sense, what we take in…

We are more than our words.

Are words important? ABSOLUTELY. But, we tend to feel like if we can explain our mission well (and slap a cool image alongside it), that’s all it takes and unfortunately that’s not the whole story.

We develop a certain disposition towards someone or something based on ALL the input- what is said and how it’s said. We take in so much subconsciously. We’re expert BS detectors. Does what a business is saying match how they present themselves, treat others, interact, etc…? And does who they are as a business resonate with me and who I am? If so then we want to buy in. It’s not enough anymore that someone has a product we want. There are plenty of businesses offering the same thing and we’re all brand shopping. We want to buy into who we’re buying from.

At Animella, we love creating attractive, appealing visuals for businesses. But we know that communicating and translating visually what each business feels passionate about in a way that promotes their inherent values is what elevates a business. It promotes connection, uprightness and integrity. This is authenticity. At Animella, our role (and joy!) is to see, understand and then communicate the authentic heart of a business so that they are then able to connect with their ideal audience. We journey with our clients to let go of the excess, the unnecessary, the limitations, the crutches, the false beliefs, the superficial, and encounter who they really are. This allows us and our businesses to be honest, vulnerable and humble which then creates genuine connection. When genuine connection happens then we all become better. Then our business isn’t just a business. It’s a tool being used to better our existence and the existence of those around us.

A brand is more than just an image. It’s a carefully crafted identity that captures the authentic heart of a business so that it can connect genuinely with a particular audience.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to a business and its particular vision. We listen to our clients, guide them, and use our expertise to strategically place them in their market in a way that will make them stand out and move toward the results they know they’re made for.

Cultivating a brand is about ensuring your ideal audience can find you, truly see you, and become a raving fan… and that’s precisely what we’re good at.


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