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Affirmations for the Entrepreneur in their 30s or 40s

Being an entrepreneur at any age can bring it's own set of challenges, insecurities and doubts. In your 30s and 40s, you've experienced so much growth and are usually in a place that is more stable than in your 20s. But, it can also bring about fears of our abilities and the creeping doubt of ageism.

So today, as women in their 30s and 40s, here's some affirmations written just for you!

You don't need to have it all figured out to start.

I'm sure life has taught you at this point that the original plan you created for yourself in your teens or early 20s is probably a lot different than you thought. And my guess is, it's all probably worked out, maybe even better than you imagined. So roll with that truth- you don't need to know the end goal. If you have incentive to start something or shift to something else, you can do it.

Each decade offers expertise and value. Play to those strengths

We may look back on our 20s or 30s and think "I wish I would have started then because..." but remember that you have value of your own at your age that previous you didn't. You've worked more, gained social skills and developed personally. Own those things! Increased confidence etc..

Don't be intimidated by all the 'younger' things. You don't have to do it all.

If something scares you and you feel like you'll have to do that to launch your business, you don't. You get to do it YOUR way.

You've built personal and inter relationship skills that make people want to work with you.

Think about all the relationships you've had to navigate over the years, some of which I'm sure were complex and helped you grow. You have a whole skill set that puts you at an advantage to be a good communicator, team member, salesperson, service leader. Even if it's only been in personal relationships, those are still skills you've built! You know how to work on a team.

You have humility and experience to ask questions and hire out.

As we age, we shed the shell of pride and insecurity a little bit. In our earlier years we may have been intimidated to ask questions if we don't understand. Maybe we wouldn't know how to adequately find solutions. Or often because of our insecurities we wouldn't ever consider hiring out because it would mean we couldn't do it. With age, we set some of those things aside and realize overall success is more important than our personal success. So you are solution oriented and can seek help when needed.

You're resilient.

At this point, you've had some setbacks. And look- you're still here. You're not going to be knocked down by the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. You know how to get back up, dust off and move forward.

You know your values more. Stick to them.

You've come this far and know what's important in your life. You may no longer be looking for the things that add value and purpose to your life. You have clarity, direction and purpose. You're rooted and strong. You know how to work for a purpose and still make life meaningful.

No go forward confidently that you are worthy and valuable and have gifts available to offer!


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