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An Honest Conversation about Reels + TikTok Videos

When I first started doing reels for my business- I tried the things: pointing to text bubbles, interesting transitions (which never worked out for me) and popular songs.

But, they never felt like me so I stopped conceding to the pressure to be something I wasn't.

When Clare and I began Animella, as sisters we inherently knew that that wasn't our style.

Here's a couple main reasons why.

First, we both get too stimulated by sound so we almost never consume social media with sounds on. So they just don't personally appeal to either of us very much.

Secondly, we come to social media to be inspired or educated, not entertained.

Reels and TikToks feel like they've become so performance based and don't necessarily show a brand's true personality. And that lack of originality feels less authentic and sometimes, sort of pointless.

There's a push and surge to 'be authentic' on social media. But performance Reels and TikToks feel like the opposite of that because so many of them are so cookie cutter.

Additionally, sometimes the Reels and TikToks we see are in contrast to what the brand offers and that opposition diminishes the credibility of the brand. And when that happens, potential clients and audiences can lose trust in their services or products.

Ultimately, the goal of social media marketing is conversion. And to convert, one of the best marketing strategies is to educate your audience and inspire them. For example, educating on how to use your product or can increase your sales. Inspiring people with your content knowledge can increase your sales because people may want to work with you. In contrast, without strategic marketing, entertainment does not necessarily convert. If you are making videos only to entertain and gain views, where is the strategy in that?

For Clare and I, ignoring our authentic selves and conforming to what everyone else is doing doesn't feel like us. It's also not true to our brand but they also don't appeal to our ideal client.

Some accounts that we do like the Reels and videos of are:

The Social Bungalow- I love how she is creative and on brand. Additionally, her videos are often lead-ins to the content she's marketing so you really see how she uses it as strategic marketing, not just performing to perform.

Anna Vatoune- Her videos are curated and cinematic and show clips of her life that are like mini movies.

Ilia- makeup videos that are simple education and how to videos

With so much emphasis on video content and the reality that Reels and TikToks get 22% more engagement than traditional videos, it's imperative to identify your GOAL. A increase in followers, albeit temporary, may follow, but what's the next step after engagements and followers? The reality is without a strong marketing plan, increased engagement means nothing.


engagement equals attention

attention equals opportunity

opportunity equals chance of sales conversions.

At Animella we:

-never want to go against who we are as women

-never want to feel pressured to do something that doesn't appeal to our ideal client or diminish our authority in their eyes

-want to be original, not cookie cutter

-want a quality audience not focus on quantity of followers

-want to use an actual marketing strategy not solely focus on performing


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